Beard Shaping Tool - Shapes a Variety Of Beard Styles

Beard Shaping Tool

Perfect your beard, Shape it fast and easily with Beard Shaping Tool. Use clippers or a razor with it and get perfect symmetry on your cheek lines as well as your neckline. Use it to shape and trim all different styles of beards, goatees, and even your mustache. Beard Shaping Tool, Get Your Beard In Shape.
Line it up. Shave over the edge. Perfect lines. Its tapered edge design makes it easy to form perfect lines and achieve symmetry. Combine with clippers or a razor to achieve an accurate trim or crisp shave. The simple Beard Shaping Tool shape is specifically designed with your beard in mind and it offers a multitude of shaping choices and styling options. Adjust the curve angle and use different leveling measurements to try something new; even shape your neckline with ease.
About the Product
  • Perfect neckline and top lines
  • Can be used with a long or short beard
  • Creates symmetry
  • Use with clippers or razor over tapered edge
  • Shapes a variety of beard styles
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money
  • Shapes various styles of Goatees
  • Do it yourself or for barbers
  • Full support provided

  • Item Type: Hair Trimmer
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 10cm*11CM
  • Product weight: About 50 grams


Uneven beard, bad neckline, crooked beard
Shave over the edge of the tool and onto the face using a razor for short haired beards and a close shave. For longer hairs, a pair of hair clippers works best with the tool. Take your time to line it up where you want it and make sure to keep it in place while you are shaping. For a more in-depth tutorial, there is a how-to video online to guide you into having the perfect shaped beard.